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It perfectly applies the optimum speed changing curve outputted by control system after precise calculation to the running of elevator, eliminating the discomfort during riding, and the speed change happens unwittingly during elevator’s starting-up, running and stopping. Powerful self-diagnostic function guarantees high efficiency and reliability. Sound interface makes commissioning and modification more convenient, which fully meets the changing requirements of building and passengers;

Gearless traction machine with external-rotor permanent magnet synchronous technology reduces the total energy consumption by 30% by decreasing the energy consumption of excitation current. Without mechanical deceleration device, it becomes more efficient with lower noise and avoids the environmental pollution caused by gear oil, namely a green environmental protection drive system.

The drive machine is placed over four guide rails of car and counterweight, not in touch with the concrete wall, therefore the influence of main machine vibration on the guide rail is avoided. Since the host machine separates from the concrete wall completely, stress and deformation caused by different thermal expansion coefficients of concrete and guide rail are avoided, the influence of the traction machine on the steel beams at the top of shaft on the exterior and interior building is also decreased, installation is much easier, and the adaptability of elevator to different shafts has been improved.

Product of well-known manufacturer of low voltage electrical apparatus extends the lifespan of system electricity and guarantees the reliability of operation.

The removing of conventional machine room makes the construction structure more flexible and various. The car frame adopts double a seismic design of backpack. The whole car frame system separate from the guide rail through nylon material on guide shoe, and isolation rubber of rope hitch on the top of car reduces the external vibration on passengers to the greatest extent, making passengers feel more comfortable and stable; Special rescue device is set to assist rescue work when power supply system is cut off.


  • Free: Machine room-less innovative design
  • Environmental protection: Maintenance-free and non-pollution permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine
  • Energy-saving: 220V normal voltage, 1.1KW low energy consumption
  • Intellectual: Variable voltage and variable frequency door governor system
  • Fine and exquisite: Compact arrangement and space-saving
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